Immerse yourself in a Grand Strategy Sci-Fi Future.

Welcome to Mothora

Join the fight for dominance in Mothora, an epic Grand Strategy First-Person Shooter Web3 game set in a dystopian sci-fi future. In Mothora, players can join Alliances to govern themselves and the outcome of the game.

Mothora Example

Meet the Alliances

Alliances allow for groups of like-minded players to govern themselves. These organizations of people can make proposals that influence how the game is meant to be played by them, their strategies and how they are managed.

Shadow CouncilIron EmpireThe Federation

Become a member of a Alliances and strategize your way to victory in Mothora's immersive and intense world.

Meet your Future AlliesMeet the Alliances


Earn and craft unique, soulbound non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as you earn $ESSENCE and rise to the top of your Alliances's governance ranks.


SRep represents the shares of ownership a player has on their Alliances during a season. It is obtained by locking $ESSENCE or NFTs.

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